m68k assembler (and MRI tools)

Werner Tuchan 32768@gmx.net
Fri Sep 13 15:02:00 GMT 2002

Bruce Adams wrote:

>   I just tried it with binutils-2.13, newlib-1.10.0 & gcc-2.95.3-5-src 
>(as downloaded from the cygwin setup) and it fails in the usual place for me
>(or rather a usual as I have several 'usual' failures at the moment )-:
>I don't hold up much hope of a different version of gcc behaving any better.
>				Regards,
>					 Bruce A.

I can confirm that gcc 2.95.3-5 fails building at the same place while 
gcc 2.95.3 compiles properly. AFAIK gcc 2.95.3-5 is not a official 
release of the FSF but obviously only a special version meant to produce 
the native compiler of cygwin only and has probably never been tested 
against any other target. You should give the original gcc 2.95.3 a try.

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