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Bruce Adams
Fri Sep 13 08:12:00 GMT 2002

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> > > > Is there a way to force gcc to preprocess assembly 
> using a switch.
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> > > Yes. Use "-x assembler-with-cop" switch.
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> > Typo.. Use "-x assembler-with-cpp" switch.
> Ah ok.  Missed that one when I RTFM.  You don't need the 
> space though. One teensy flaw.  
> The prebuilt rtems compiler I'm using (being stuck unable to 
> build my own for now) can't find cpp0.  I copied that into 
> C:\cygwin\opt\rtems\bin from 
> C:\cygwin\opt\rtems\lib\gcc-lib\m68k-rtems\2.95.3 and it 
> works. However, I now have syntax errors in my assembly but 
> the line numbers refer to the preprocessed output rather than 
> the original file. Closer inspection of my workaround to use 
> gcc -E reveals something more insidious and slightly 
> surprising.  Gcc -E produces no output at all.  This seems to 
> go for both the cygwin native gcc and the rtems one.  If I 
> run cpp0.exe directly I get output.  Neither cpp or gcc put 
> anything on stdout. I know the preprocessor works (people 
> would have noticed if it didn't!) so
> what am I Missing?  	
> 						Regards,
> 							  Bruce A.
Okay.  I have obtained part of the answer through RTFMing and
Apparently gcc -E doesn't work unless I also use -x assembly-with-cpp
or equally -x c++.  
My initial syntax errors were caused by the line directives output by
the preprocessor.  Gcc chokes itself.  If I disable those using -Wp,-P 
then I at least get syntax errors relating to our assembly code, though
the line numbers only make sense if use a two stage process and investigate
the intermediate file.  
Another thing it seems to dislike is the use of 0x to signify hexadecimal in
constants.  I was all set to change to the alternate notation of an H at the
end when the manual ( 
told me this was legal.  What else am I missing? :-)
						 Bruce A.

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