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Paul Whitfield
Fri Sep 13 04:02:00 GMT 2002

Bruce Adams wrote:
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>>>>Is there a way to force gcc to preprocess assembly using a switch.
>>>Yes. Use "-x assembler-with-cop" switch.
>>Typo.. Use "-x assembler-with-cpp" switch.

The way this is done in the RTEMS make files
is in two steps as follows (much simplified)

This works fine under cygwin using NTFS without any problem
about the case.

gcc -E input.S -o input.s
gcc input.s -input.o

If you want some example build environments under cygwin or
linux you could get rtems itself OR My Right Boot.

Both of these feature fully setup setups.
Rtems is based on autoconf
MRB is just based on make.

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