Build without libgloss?

Bruce Adams
Wed Sep 4 16:00:00 GMT 2002

> >Are you using cygwin with David Knuth's patch to the gcc source
> >and what configure options did you use?
> >
> The only patch I've applied is undoing the effects of a quick 
> hack that 
> makes eh_frame info cluttering the data section with 
> __global__.F chunks 
> on elf targets. This is for 2.95.3 only. What does David's patch do?
Actually its Dan Kegel's patch (my mistake).  Its supposed to ensure that
the right version of as is used.
> >
> >How can I test my binutils are actually working?  
> >I've tried make check but I'm not sure if this is valid as I 
> don't have
> >deja-gnu installed.
> >
> When in doubt try a different version. I have 2.12.1 right now.
I've tried several.  There seems to be only one failure with make check
(and 13 tests not run)


I've no idea what failure of this test means but its pretty consistent
through the different versions I've tried.  I'm hoping it is something
that should be in the site.exp file (used to disable tests that aren't
valid for a particular platform?).
> >
> >Which headers does --without-headers refer to? what is the 
> relationship of
> >these
> >headers to the newlib ones?
> >
> --without-headers referes to the target C library headers. 
> For embedded 
> cross targets they are ususally installed with newlib. The 
> point is that 
> you need to have a cross compiler first to compile newlib so 
> you need to 
> tell the build process that you are going to produce a minimal cross 
> compiler without the need of target headers.
I thought this meant specifically glibc headers.  Otherwise how do you
explain the combination of --without-headers & --with-newlib?

Bruce A.

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