Newbie question - How to make a crossgcc from cygwin or mingw to solaris

Gustavo Guerra
Mon Sep 2 11:09:00 GMT 2002

I'm new to this crossgcc thing, so please if you can give me some pointers I
would be very thankfull.
At the university we have to use a Solaris 5.7 (gcc reports
sparc-sun.solaris2.7) machine as a test machine for most of the course's
assignments. But the software installed is sometimes a little outdated, so
we only have gcc 2.95.2, and I don't have enough quota to install gcc3.2 on
my home directory. Is it possible to build a crossgcc for cygwin32 or
mingw32 so that I can compile on my machine and then just upload the
executables to the solaris and it runs?
If yes, how do I get started? Is there some faq ro how-to?

Gustavo Guerra

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