Problem with __attribute__ (interrupt)

Paul Whitfield
Mon Sep 30 19:56:00 GMT 2002

Peter Barada wrote:
>>I recall that Mark Barada (sorry if I have the name wrong) was in the 
>>process of trying to ensure that all or some of the Coldfire specific
>>patches were going to get ported to V3 of gcc.
> That's Peter Barada :-)

Oops sorry... Oh well... At least I spelt your last name correctly!

> That's still the plan, but the amount of other work I have going on is
> slowing things down...  I've got a gcc-3.0.4 that produced valid
> ColdFire v3/v4/v4e code, but still has a couple of bugs (miscompiles
> strcmp/strncmp from the Linux Kernel).  I'm planning on migrating
> these changes into gcc-3.2 and then release them.

Are these going to go back into the mainline gcc code base ?

Keep up the good work

Best regards


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