Problem with __attribute__ (interrupt)

Paul Whitfield
Thu Sep 26 18:28:00 GMT 2002

Dennis Tubbs wrote:
> There was some discussion on this topic a while ago, so you might want to
> check the archives.  However, that might have been for m68k-coff.
> Dennis
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> Subject: Problem with __attribute__ (interrupt)
> Hi,
> I have been using version 2.95.3 of the m68k-elf tool chain. I downloaded
> cygwin binaries of
> these tools some time ago. This version supports the interrupt attribute for
> functions.
> I have now compiled version 3.2 under cygwin. Everything works fine, but it
> seems that
> the interrupt attribute is not supported for the m68k target. Why does
> version 2.95.3 have it. and not
> 3.2 ? Where can I find a patch to enable the interrupt attribute  for the
> m68k-elf toolchain ?

I recall that there were problems with the copyright assignments for
the patchs for the interrupt attribute and some features related to
the coldfire processor and that therefore these never made back into
the mainline release.

I recall that Mark Barada (sorry if I have the name wrong) was in the 
process of trying to ensure that all or some of the Coldfire specific
patches were going to get ported to V3 of gcc.

Best regards


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