gcc: Undefined references while linking (2)

CJ carjay@gmx.net
Mon Sep 23 15:56:00 GMT 2002

I ;) wrote:

> Funny enough this is exactly the same problem that occurs when I try 
> to build libgloss.
> I examined the mentioned source files and it seems that f.ex. the 
> "_exit"-routine is supposed to be provided by the OS. My target will 
> be a satellite receiver with no OS (I plan to implement that on a very 
> very low level since there is only 1 MB of ROM space ;) ).
> So I guess I have to provide some stubs or at least my own idea of an 
> implementation, but how and where do I do that?
> My forgiveness if a RTFM could cure this. ;)

OK, hours later, also tried GCC 2.95.3, same result. But by now I found 
a valuable description at http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/gnupro/ 
that gave me some insight how the whole thing is supposed to work.

So if I understand this correctly then I miss the C-runtime ("crt0.S"). 
Now since I didn't give a target-OS (just m68k-coff) it would appear 
logical that no runtime can be supplied since the compiler cannot guess 
what my runtime is going to be. Is that the reason why configuring 
Libgloss fails because it assumes that I already have a m68-coff-GCC 
that is able to create executables?

Oh well, more complicated than one would think. :)

But I like that, one can only learn.


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