from gdb on a Mac to BDM on a 68332?

David Knuth
Tue Sep 17 12:14:00 GMT 2002


I've built a gcc cross-compiler on Darwin (Mac OS X) and am now looking 
for a way to do cross-debugging from gdb to a 68332 target via BDM.  
There are a number of hurdles here.

1) Has anyone done this from Mac OS X?
2) How do I configure gdb to use a USB port (late Mac's have only USB 
and FireWire ports)?
3) Will I likely have to develop my own USB drivers (IOKit?)?
4) Do I have to build a custom USB <-> BDM device?  Are there any 
commercial ones available?
5) Should I instead use a USB <-> RS232 converter and then something 
from RS-232 <-> BDM?  What?

I suspect there will be a long road ahead before my goal is realized.  
Thanks for any input to get me going.


David Knuth     (804) 543-2703

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