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Kai Ruottu
Fri Oct 18 07:55:00 GMT 2002

Vinayak P Risbud <> wrote:

> How to generate, arm thumb code for my C using GCC cross
> compiler?

 It depends on the GCC version: Before gcc-3.x a separate
'thumb-coff/elf' GCC was needed, 'arm' and 'thumb' were
handled as two separate CPUs, although both had the
'-mthumb-interwork' option... The gcc-3.x has these glued

> What is the compiler option ?

 It is the '-mthumb' in gcc-3.x... With gcc-2.95.3 you
must have two separate cross-GCCs.

 BTW, do you have the GCC-manual ?  If not, why not get
it and examine the 'Invoking / Submodel Options' ?  If
you don't know how to get it or from where to download
it preformatted (PDF, HTML,...), please ask about this,
not about some option...

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