linker scripts and linker sections

Matthew J Fletcher
Mon Oct 28 07:25:00 GMT 2002

may i ask if anybody on this list has attempted to or knows how to simule
the microsoft VC++ #pragmas data_seg and bss_seg.

these pragmas move vairables into sections e.g

#pragma bss_seg(.mybss)
int one;
bool two;
float three;
#pragma bss_seg()

this is instead of using the gcc __attribute__ to do the same,.. as it would
have to be added to every variable declaration (and i have many, many).

i have had most sucess using a linker script to move the sections like
this,... (note i am using x86 ELF linux)

	. = 0x08048000 + SIZEOF_HEADERS;

	.outvar :{
		__outvar_start = . ;


		__outvar_stop = . ;

	// other section stuff snipped

in C code i then,..

memset((void*)&__outvar_start,0,(&__outvar_stop - &__outvar_start));

(gdb) p &__outvar_start
$2 = 0x808a8a0 ""
(gdb) p &__outvar_stop
$3 = 0x808c0f4 <Address 0x808c0f4 out of bounds>

what does this mean ?


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