About the file "crt0.o"

Shen Yingzhe yz_shen@hotmail.com
Sun Nov 24 18:18:00 GMT 2002

crt0.o contains the startup code for your application before main() gets 
called. It is target specific. Your native compiler works because the 
i686-linux version exists but the alpha-dec-osf version does not. 

It should be made and located with the alpha-dec-osf libraries. 

Hi Richard: 

First thank you for your help. 

I have another question.Now I have the source file(Redhat linux 6.2) which 
can be used to install linux on an alpha machine.Can i obtain the file 
"crt0.o" from those source files. Some of them are RPM files, and some 
files have the suffix name so or so.2 and something like that. 

                                              Shen Yingzhe 

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