cross-gcc build for a linux host for the msdosdjgpp target problems

Kai Ruottu
Tue Nov 12 07:32:00 GMT 2002

DJ Delorie <> wrote:

> > although DJGPP2 is well-known to have its own 'proprietary
> > C-library',
> This is completely wrong.  DJGPP's library is definitely NOT
> proprietary.

 Sorry, I should have consulted my english-to-finnish
dictionary... This word seems to mean something related
to trademarks and such... Seeing only it being used
when talking about 'specific to a target'-stuff may
mislead one to think it meaning something not very
strong.  God save our children following the South
Park and learning their english from it...

 What I meaned to say was that DJGPP2 has
its own target-specific C-library, which AFAIK, no
other target uses, and with DJGPP2 none of the
available free C-libraries like newlib and glibc
cannot be used straight from their boxes... So it is
comparable to the Solaris2, Cygwin, Mingw, HP-UX, AIX
etc. libraries which are normally used as prebuilt
in crosscompiler builds...

 Instead of using more words as previously, using
the word 'proprietary' (with quotes) to mean all this
was much easier... Again, as a non-english speaking,
I really didn't know what it really meaned... It may
however be worse when we Finns talk english, one can
happily say "our hope is that you could leave in piss!",
not " in peace!".  This said by out foreign
minister to the colleague in another country may
then cause some very bad misunderstandings ;-)

 Of course the DJGPP2-library sources are available
and one can recompile them for one's own CPU, Athlon,
Pentium4, K6 etc. if the prebuilt stuff is 'wrong'...
If one uses the novice cross-GCC builders as models,
doing this is more than expected, these people seem
to hate all prebuilt stuff and always want to build
their newlibs and glibcs from sources without ever
touching any prebuilt ugly stuff ;-)

Cheers, Kai

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