question on search list for libraries

Joel Coltoff
Wed Nov 6 11:35:00 GMT 2002

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Joel Coltoff wrote:

> I've got a question on the search list for libraries. I'm skipping some
> details here to keep the message short so my motive may not really be
> clear. I've built a uClibc compiler for mipsel-linux on both my
> linux host and my embedded system. They are built in different
> paths. (part of the problem) When I do
>                        *
>                        *
> dirs. How can I do my configure so /lib and /usr/lib are searched?

Doh! You use the specs file. Sometimes you go so far down the wrong
path you don't even know to turn around. It would still be nice to
have it happen as a config option but I can live with adding

	-L /lib -L /usr/lib

to my specs file.

Joel Coltoff

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