linux host gcc-2.95.3 cross compiler to i686-pc-msdosdjgpp target

Sat Nov 9 20:57:00 GMT 2002

I am trying to compile gcc-2.95.3 as a cross compiler ( linux host,
msdosdjgpp target )
I can build and install binutils and the compiler itself, but the libstdc++
build has an error.

I have seen that this question has been asked a number of times in many
different places, but I have yet to find the answer.

Can anybody suggest a safe way around this?

In file included from
from ../../../gcc-2.95.3-src/libiberty/choose-temp.c:47:
warning: redefinition of `size_t'
warning: `size_t' previously declared here
conflicting types for `wchar_t'
/../../i686-pc-msdosdjgpp/sys-include/stdlib.h:39: previous declaration of
make[1]: *** [choose-temp.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [all-target-libiberty] Error 2


Thank you.

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