gdb and jtag

Grant Edwards
Tue Nov 5 12:39:00 GMT 2002

Hi Bill,

> The BDI2000 implements the "remote" protocol directly:
> (gdb) target remote

Excellent.  I think that's what EPI should have done also, but
they were worried that customers would have to upgrade firmware
when GDB changed.

> You can also telnet to the box and drive it manually from a CLI:
> $ telnet
> BDI2000> load 0xa0200000 zImage binary
> Loading zImage, please wait...
> Loading program file passed
> BDI2000> bi 0x8029abfc
> BDI2000> go 0xa0200000
> - TARGET: target has entered debug mode
> BDI2000> ti  /* step one instruction */

That's cool.  Don't know that I'd want to do a lot of debuggin
that way, but it's nice to have a fallback position.


Grant Edwards

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