gdb and jtag

Simon Berry
Tue Nov 5 06:28:00 GMT 2002

Hi all

Does anyone know how one would go about creating an interface/back-end to
gdb that use JTAG/ICE to debug a target board ? I know that there are
commercial offerings (e.g raven,wiggler etc from Macraigor) but I want to
use my own "JTAG hardware" (similar to altera byteblaster).

At the moment I am using a small program by Simon Wood to control the target
processor via JTAG. This implements a simple debugger (with the JTAG
"protocol" in software, unlike the commercial offerings) and connects to the
target via the abovementioned "byteblaster" type cable (on parallel port).
However I wish to use the superior (no offence Mr Wood) capabilities of gdb
(breakpoints, stepping etc.).

My feeling is that I could use the base code that I have and somehow adapt
it to present an interface that GDB needs (the fundamental question: what is
this interface ????).

I have had a decent (I think) look around mailing list archives and the web,
but it appears that there is not much on this topic.

My target is an ARM920T processor.

Simon Berry

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