Compiling gcc.3.0.4 for m68k-elf with C++-support

Lau Sennels
Mon May 6 05:24:00 GMT 2002

"Fritz, Wolfgang" wrote:

> You usually have to provide these function with your board support
> package, that means you have to write them yourself. To make that a
> little easier, there is the libgloss package in the newlib source
> distribution which provide "dummy" functions which can be taken as a
> starting point or even used unmodified if you dont't need the
> functionality (for example: getpid() may return always 0 if you don't
> have processes on your target).

Yes, I found the excellent paper by Bill Gatliff. 

Best regards
Lau Sennels

 use PDL; use PDL::IO::Pic;$a=zeroes 300,300; $r=$a->xlinvals(-1.5,0.5);

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