Fwd: problem about crossgcc for xscale at x86 mandrake linux 8.1 host

psp sppeng@davworld.net
Tue May 7 21:57:00 GMT 2002

thanks for your responses.

i try some days following your advice but it confuse me.

in fact, i only want to build or construct a development platform for xscale. 
so i should have an os (the only choice is linux), and a c compiler. but when 
i porting linux to xscale, the cross-compiler, which can build os kernel and 
applications such as shell, init and so on,  is necessary.  how should i do ?



by the way, when i build a program using arm-linux-elf-gcc which is prebuilt 
and downloaded from arm, if i use static link it is ok, if i use dynamic link 
there are some errers and then hang when the program load library.

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