Linker script and bitfields

van belle
Mon May 6 23:20:00 GMT 2002

	Hello all,

	I am trying to compile a bootflash for my (future) ARM7TDMI testboard.
I already had a look at the LD manual, but I didn't get further than

   . = 0x00000000;

After starting at address 0x00000000, a few commands are executed which
involve setting a bit. This bit relocates internal RAM to address
0x00000000, and the bootflash code to 0x00400000 (e.g.). I wonder how I
can fit that in 1 64k, 16bit wide flash???

2) for the same testboard: is it possible to make an ARRAY of
bitfields?? Something like:

typedef struct {
   int test1:2;
   int bitarray[5]:1;    // an array of 5 bitfields

--> I know the previous example doesn't work, but is there an other way
to do it??

Kind regards,

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