Simple cross-compiler for PowerPC

Rosetti Andrea
Mon May 6 06:16:00 GMT 2002

"William A. Gatliff" wrote:

> If you don't even need help setting up globals or zeroing out memory,
> and you don't need any C runtime library features, then you don't need
> much from your runtime environment and a bare cross compiler will
> probably do the trick.
> Still, you'll have to build newlib during the cross compiler setup.
> Some of the helper functions in libgcc need bits of header information
> found in newlib to build properly.  You won't actually use the library
> unless you want to, but gcc needs the header files during toolchain
> construction.
> HTH,

We use "vsprintf" function defined in libc.a (newlib) and we need
need also "isatty" function that is called from vsprintf().
This function is defined in various library (i.e. libads.a, libnosys.a,
libyk.a,..). Which of them is correct one?
Is there anywhere any document about these libraries and
differences between them?


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