Request For Assistance

Richard Meredith
Thu Jun 13 01:12:00 GMT 2002

> Mr. Addo Nelson 
> 39, Kerk Street
> Johannesburg 2109 
> South Africa. 
> Telefax: +27-837-424-476
>             			Request For Assistance 
> I am Mr. Addo Nelson, the first son of Brig. Tom K. Addo of the 
> Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). My father was the Chief of 
> Defence Staff of my country under the assassinated President Laurent 
> Kabila.   Unfortunately, he lost his life as a brave soldier on 
> 27/01/2001 while on active duty. (May his gentle soul rest in peace.) 
> You might have heard of the crisis that has ravaged my country, a rich 
> Kingdom, over a decade now. This crisis has occupied international News 
> headlines for sometime now. After the death and burial of my father, the 
> environment in my country became inconducive for us and our lives were 
> even threatened. We then had to move to Kenya our maternal home in order 
> to safe guard our lives. 
> In the course of our preparation to travel to Kenya, my mother discovered 
> in my father's safe a Contract of Deposition with one security company in 
> South Africa during one of his trips to purchase arms and ammunition from 
> that country. The document informed us that the actual contents of the 
> box are money and not family treasures. The money deposited in the 
> security company is Twenty Million Dollars (US$20 Million). 
> On getting to Kenya, I then went to South Africa to lay claim to the box 
> and after the security company had investigated my claims, they approved 
> it. I then traced my father's banker in South Africa who will help me to 
> ensure that this money is transferred out of South Africa. The banker 
> advised that we get the assistance of a foreign partner who will provide 
> his foreign account to transfer this money into. This is why I have 
> decided to contact you. 
> My family has agreed to offer you 15% of the total sum for your 
> assistance, while 5% has been set aside for the re-imbursement of 
> reasonable expenses incurred by both parties in the course of this 
> transaction. The rest of the money will be for my family future 
> investment. 
> You should reach me either through my confidential email or telefax 
> (+27-837-424-476).
> Best regards, 
> Mr. Addo Nelson 

Warning for those not already aware: this is yet another variant of the 
Nigerian scam. I suppose there must still be a few people who fall for it, 
otherwise they'd find some other way of nicking your money.

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