Cross GCC3 for PPC (no fpu)

Prateep Sarkar
Wed Jun 12 08:17:00 GMT 2002

	Thanks for all the information!! :-)


On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Kai Ruottu wrote:

> Prateep Sarkar wrote:
> > 
> > Hi!
> >         I am a newbie to all this trying to make a cross-gcc compiler for
> > powerpc-eabi and m68k-elf on solaris. I am continuously facing problems
> > after having followed the steps in WA Gatliffs home page in details.. I
> > feel it would be better if I knew more about the compilation
> > process. However, information is not available readily or atleast I am not
> > aware of it.
>  The GCC-manual ("Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection") is more a
> "Reference Manual" than a "User's Manual" what becomes to telling what is a
> "compiler toolchain", what are the parts in it ('gcc', 'cpp', 'cc1', 'as' and
> 'ld'), what is the purpose of the startups (like 'crt0.o', 'crti.o', 'crtn.o',
> 'crtbegin.o' and 'crtend.o') in the C-library, what are the linker scripts,
> how to interface with some firmware or hardware etc. One can build the manual
> or try to find it on the net...
>  But the RedHat's GNUPro (a commercialized GNU toolchain) manuals, in PDF, can
> be more useful:
>  The "GNUPro Toolkit Getting Started Guide" should be suitable for novices. The
> 'embed.pdf' or something then should tell about newlib, startups, hw-interfacing
> etc. 
>  Then there are those O'Reilly books like "Programming with GNU Software" and
> "Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++", which also should tell about those
> basic things...
>  These are the 'manuals' everybody probably knows, if being familiar with GNU and
> GCC. Then there are target-specific GNUPro-manuals at least for XScale and NIOS
> (the Altera's "Embedded Processor System") :
> Cheers, Kai
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