Cross GCC3 for PPC (no fpu)

Dan Kegel
Fri Jun 7 02:14:00 GMT 2002

Prateep Sarkar wrote:
>         I am a newbie to all this trying to make a cross-gcc compiler for
> powerpc-eabi and m68k-elf on solaris. I am continuously facing problems
> after having followed the steps in WA Gatliffs home page in details.. I
> feel it would be better if I knew more about the compilation
> process. However, information is not available readily or atleast I am not
> aware of it.

Yes, it is poorly documented and hard to do, even with Bill's nice page!
Have you looked at yet?
It builds a powerpc compiler on Linux... it's not quite debugged yet,
but it's close.
- Dan

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