Crosscompiler: gcc 3.1 on linux for sparc ?

Wed Jun 12 13:34:00 GMT 2002

I see a kindred soul in search of an ever elusive grail -- cross compiling on 
a sparc-linux for sparc64-linux.

I read everything I could find on the topic -- read the Crosscompiling FAQ, 
which by the way is so outdated that it's uselesss, plus it doesn't really 
tell you how to actually compile a cross compiler.  I read GCC's 
configuring/building instructions and the section about cross compiling, but 
it assumes that if the reader is told "just build the cross compiler", he can 
figure out the correct sequence.

I also read Bill's instructions and although helpful they were gcc-2.95 
specific.  Then I read the stuff on, and 
that got me further than anything else had before.  Still, I don't have a 
cross compiler to build my kernel.

So, please, elucidate me and everyone else who is
1) Not a hardcore gcc developer
2) linux user on a sparc64 machine

how do I build a 3.1 (or cvs) cross compiler.  Please let me know what options 
to pass to configure for binutils,gcc,glibc and in what order.

If you don't feel like it, at least
1) Tell me where to find *exact* instructions geared specifically towards a 
linux user on a sparc64 arch building a sparc32->sparc64 3.1 cross compiler
2) Tell me if currently this is impossible.

After a week of sleepless nights (granted, I was watching the world cup at the 
same time :-), I feel very discouraged, and yet even more determined to get 
this working.

Thanks to all who respond and apologies to the rest who find this a waste of 

On Wednesday 12 June 2002 12:00 pm, Heiko Nardmann wrote:
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> I have problems compiling gcc as a cross compiler.
> I successfully build binutils 2.12.1 using the following command line:
> ./configure --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/opt/binutils-2.12.1
> - --target=sparcv9-solaris --enable-64-bit-bfd --enable-bfd-assembler
> - --enable-commonbfdlib
> Now I configured gcc as follows:
> env PATH=/opt/binutils-2.12.1/bin:$PATH ../gcc-3.1/configure
> - --host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/opt/sparc-crossgcc-3.1 --with-gnu-as
> - --with-as=/opt/binutils-2.12.1/bin/sparcv9-solaris-as --with-gnu-ld
> - --with-ld=/opt/binutils-2.12.1/bin/sparcv9-solaris-ld
> - --enable-threads=solaris --target=sparcv9-solaris
> Is something wrong with this procedure?
> Now I get the the error given as the attachment:
> env PATH=/opt/binutils-2.12.1/bin:$PATH make >& make.out
> It complains about missing abort(), missing thread.h and missing errno.h.
> Has anyone experienced the same problem?
> I don't know whether this has to be called already a gcc bug (which has to
> be stated somewhere else - I know) ... ?
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