Cross GCC3 for PPC (no fpu)

Kai Ruottu
Wed Jun 12 07:41:00 GMT 2002

Prateep Sarkar wrote:
> Hi!
>         I am a newbie to all this trying to make a cross-gcc compiler for
> powerpc-eabi and m68k-elf on solaris. I am continuously facing problems
> after having followed the steps in WA Gatliffs home page in details.. I
> feel it would be better if I knew more about the compilation
> process. However, information is not available readily or atleast I am not
> aware of it.

 The GCC-manual ("Using and Porting the GNU Compiler Collection") is more a
"Reference Manual" than a "User's Manual" what becomes to telling what is a
"compiler toolchain", what are the parts in it ('gcc', 'cpp', 'cc1', 'as' and
'ld'), what is the purpose of the startups (like 'crt0.o', 'crti.o', 'crtn.o',
'crtbegin.o' and 'crtend.o') in the C-library, what are the linker scripts,
how to interface with some firmware or hardware etc. One can build the manual
or try to find it on the net...

 But the RedHat's GNUPro (a commercialized GNU toolchain) manuals, in PDF, can
be more useful:

 The "GNUPro Toolkit Getting Started Guide" should be suitable for novices. The
'embed.pdf' or something then should tell about newlib, startups, hw-interfacing

 Then there are those O'Reilly books like "Programming with GNU Software" and
"Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++", which also should tell about those
basic things...

 These are the 'manuals' everybody probably knows, if being familiar with GNU and
GCC. Then there are target-specific GNUPro-manuals at least for XScale and NIOS
(the Altera's "Embedded Processor System") :
Cheers, Kai

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