ARM cross compiler

Vermeulen Jan
Tue Jun 11 06:16:00 GMT 2002

Hello Gareth,

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>I have built an arm toolchain and it 
>all is working fine. There is only 
>one problem. 

If there is one problem, then it isn't _all_ working fine, right?
;-) hehe

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To answer your question about making your program start at a lower address:

Here is a linker script that we use to test our board (i.e. ledtest etc)


  . = 0x2000;
  .vector0 :
   LONG(ABSOLUTE( main ))
  .rodata :
  .text :
  .data : 
  .bss  :

So, we made it so that the adress of 'int main(void)' will be placed at
adress 0x2000.

Then the rest is placed behind it (read only data, code, initialised
variables and variables, in that order (if I'm not mistaking)).

We put this linker-script in a file name "load.ld" and we added:
"-Wl,-Tload.ld -Wl,-N" to the gcc commandline. (with the rest of our options

Hope this might proof helpfull,

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