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Dear sirs or Madams,
We are one Arcyl bathtub manufacturer in China.


Our factoryspecializes in manufacturing ¡°YEMA¡± brand acrylic composite bathtubs, we have more than 10 years experience of bathtub manufacturing and marketing. With 
our considerable experience we set out to blend the advantages of all the other of bathtubs offered in the market place into one range. After several years 
development we produced our current range and the YEMA brand bathtub was patented in 2001. We were even awarded the "Gold Medal" in the "Chinese Patent Technology 
Exhibition" and "The Ninth Chinese New Patent Technology and New Patent Product Exhibition" later that year. The YEMA bathtubs structural design is that of a normal 
acrylic bathtub but conglutinated into a composite material. It is ridged and is made more than twice as thick as a normal unit, making it more smooth, gentle and 
elegant. This manufacturing technique not only provides all the advantages of a normal acrylic bathtub (easily to clean, resistance to dirt, colorful,attractive etc) 
but also provides increased heat retention, and extends the products life span.

Besides our products on website, we now produce some new models for USA market. We also produce shower panels with finest quality.

-------------------bathtub Specifications---------------------
1,Wall thickness:10mm~20mm
2,Weight: 50~60KG


We would like to be your OEM/ODM manufacturer.

For detailed info, please browse our website http://www.wjjzzs.com

Best wishes and regards,

Export Manager
Jerry Lee
Fax:  0086-519-5209776
Wujin Huangli Composited Sanitary Factory
Add:HUangli town,Wujin county
    Changzhou 213151
    Jiangsu province

July 18, 2002

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