building gcc3.0 bootstrap cross-compiler missing header files!
Sat Jul 6 09:24:00 GMT 2002

Yves Rutschle wrote:
> Hello Dan,
> > My gcc3.0.4 is now cross-compiling a full linux 2.4.17 system
> > which boots on ppc405, but it's not quite happy yet, as busybox
> > dumps core when I do tough things like 'ls -l'.
> IIRC gcc-3+ aren't yet considered capable of creating
> working kernels (kernels that compiles and kernels that work
> are different :) ), Maybe you want to try your system with a
> kernel compiled with 2.95.3 and userland compiled with 3.0.4
> which should work.

I might agree with you, but I've been compiling nearly this same
kernel for sh4 with gcc3 for some time with good luck.
(The Linux kernel on sh4 *requires* gcc3.)
So I'm pretty sure it's just a crappy build script
or some other simple problem, and I'm going to
run all the gcc/glibc/kernel regression tests I can
to narrow the problem down, and fix it.

We have to move past gcc2.9x sometime.
- Dan

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