Assembler message: "unsupported relocation type" with MPC555 crosscompiler

Matthias Fertig
Wed Jul 24 06:32:00 GMT 2002


i want to build up a powerpc-eabi toolchain for the MPC555.
hence i downloaded the following sources:


and built up the toolchain as described on

after installation i have the following binaries in the related
directory $PREFIX/bin

	cpp                     powerpc-eabi-c++filt  powerpc-eabi-objcopy
	gcjh                    powerpc-eabi-chill    powerpc-eabi-objdump
	gcov                    powerpc-eabi-g++      powerpc-eabi-protoize
	jcf-dump                powerpc-eabi-g77      powerpc-eabi-ranlib
	jv-scan                 powerpc-eabi-gasp     powerpc-eabi-readelf
	powerpc-eabi-addr2line  powerpc-eabi-gcc      powerpc-eabi-size
	powerpc-eabi-ar         powerpc-eabi-gcj      powerpc-eabi-strings
	powerpc-eabi-as         powerpc-eabi-ld       powerpc-eabi-strip
	powerpc-eabi-c++        powerpc-eabi-nm       powerpc-eabi-unprotoize

should be fine so far.

now i want to see if the compiler makes good work an i copied a little
piece (example 1) of code
delivered with the "MPC555 Interrupts"-manual. the makefile is written
for the diab-crosscompiler,
but i adapted the makefile for my needs (i think so). after executing
the following error message
occurs. the linker doesn't like the some type ... what type ... ?

	powerpc-eabi-gcc -g -c -mcpu=555 -I$(INCLUDES) -o main.o main.c
	/tmp/cckZyIqV.s: Assembler messages:
	/tmp/cckZyIqV.s:232: Error: unsupported relocation type
	/tmp/cckZyIqV.s:232: Error: unsupported relocation type
	make: *** [main.o] Fehler 1

perhaps the wrong version of binutils?
does anyone know where to get more detailed information about the
problem, or
perhaps the solution of the problem.

by the way:
if i have compiled the sources succesfully, how can i load the code on
my target platform ... yes i am a newbie!

thanks for your ideas and comments,


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