ARM alignment options?

Tue Jul 16 08:13:00 GMT 2002


I have a StrongARM (sa1110) processor, using 32-bit SRAM. I don't 
want to use the byte select lines though. I want to access the 
memory (reads and writes) 32-bits at a time (always).

So I need to get the gcc compiler to align all variables to 32-bit 
boundaries... For example.. a "char" should use 32-bits too... I have 
looked through the gcc info, but can find anything... surely there 
must be a option that does this? Or can I compile a new cross-
compiler? I am using arm-elf at the moment...

At the moment I am using only unsigned ints (32-bit) variables... but I 
would like to be able to work with strings too and hence need to use 
bytes ;-)

Any ideas?

Gregor Dreijer, <gdreijer@ING.SUN.AC.ZA>
Electronic Systems Laboratory (ESL)
Dept. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
University of Stellenbosch

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