gcc based linux->win cross compiler needed

Knut C. Naue knaue@c8m42.pi.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jul 11 06:46:00 GMT 2002

hi all
as a newbie to cross compilation here some "silly" questions. perhaps 
you could help me to get into that stuff.
1) has anyone a gcc linux->windows cross compiler based on gcc, perhaps 
v3.1? i have a program developed on a linux box using qt 3.x, qwt and 
some sound cards which i want to port to win xp.
2) how to deal with the dlls then needed?
3) is there an understandable docu for newbies in the 3w?
thanx for your help and patience.

Knut C. Naue, Dipl.-Ing.
Institute of Mechanics			fon:    +49-30-314-21493
Bldg. M, Dept. C8			fax:    +49-30-314-21482
Berlin Institute of Technology		mobile: +49-177-DYNAMIK	
Strasse des 17. Juni 135		e-mail: knut.naue@tu-berlin.de
10623 Berlin

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