Need help an: Building crosscompiler for Motorola 68k and compiling code for amiga computer

Marco Frischkorn
Thu Jul 11 03:25:00 GMT 2002

Hi all!

A very long time ago, i've asked how i can compiler 68k sources for my amiga
under windows nt.

At this time, i'vent got the knowledge for most of the things, which i've to
do first.

But now, i'm trying to do it!

At this point, i need some help!

I've finally installed ALL packages of cygwin and all available software for
I've got the needed c-includes from my amiga computer.

But now, i don't know, how to compile an gcc-compiler which is able to build
68k code for my amiga.
Does anyone got a script for this, or a good webpages?

Marco Frischkorn

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