SH3 G++ Problems/sh-wince-pe

Steven Brown
Mon Jan 28 09:33:00 GMT 2002

On Thursday 24 January 2002 01:57 am, Keuchel, Rainer wrote:

> The problems were not that many. Different calling convention 
> for ms dlls (fixed in assembler wrapper), no support in dlltool,
> wrong byte order in wide strings, missing RVA reloc in gas (needed for
> dlltool). Gas also
> currently cannot handle c++ debug information for templates. It does not
> like '<'
> in debug defs, so I had to compile libstdc++ without -g, but gas should be
> easy to fix.

I've been recently trying to build such a cross-compilation toolchain to 
target PocketPC based WinCE 3.0 on sh3 (sh-pe target) using gcc 3.0.3 as 
well.  I ran into that endian problem with wide strings, but all that is 
needed to fix it is to use '-ml -m3e' as compiler flags.  I'd be interested 
in any information you have as to other bugs you've run into and fixed, as 
I'm heading down the same path.

The other problem I've run into is that my sh-pe targetted gcc doesn't take 
__attribute__((__cdecl__)) and friends, saying that the attribute directive 
is ignored, so I've had to define __cdecl to nothing.  I'm assuming/hoping 
it's not important on this target.

> Is there any place where I can get the old wince toolchains as binaries,
> say for cygwin or x86-linux? I did not find anything with Google.

I ran into this toolchain: , but I haven't tried it as 
it seemed a bit outdated.  It was useful information in places, though.

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