SH3 G++ Problems/sh-wince-pe

Keuchel, Rainer
Thu Jan 24 14:07:00 GMT 2002

> But I assume you having looked at the patches from the 
> Cygnus/RedHat people, published in the 'gcc-patches' maillist, in early
2000 ?  Or 
> did you really start from scratch again ?

I did not look at these early patches. I assumed that most of this is
integrated in 3.0. I tried the latest 2.9 and it did not even configure... 
Maybe I did something wrong.

The problems were not that many. Different calling convention 
for ms dlls (fixed in assembler wrapper), no support in dlltool,
wrong byte order in wide strings, missing RVA reloc in gas (needed for
dlltool). Gas also
currently cannot handle c++ debug information for templates. It does not
like '<'
in debug defs, so I had to compile libstdc++ without -g, but gas should be
easy to fix.

Simple C/C++ programs already run on the target. No problems.

> AFAIK the current GDB/Insight sources have support for WinCE and they
> include something for running in the WinCE-target... 

I have seen that already. Will try it out.

Is there any place where I can get the old wince toolchains as binaries,
say for cygwin or x86-linux? I did not find anything with Google.

Which gcc-2.9 should I try to configure for wince-pe targets? 
Does it support C++ (with exceptions and libstdc++)? The main reason I
want g++ is that the ms compiler does not support exceptions and
other c++ standards. I would like to port some progs that need this.

Thanks for your help.

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