Multilib support for 68040

Glynn Smith
Tue Jan 22 04:19:00 GMT 2002

I am using gcc 2.95.2 configured as a Cross m68k compiler hosted on
PPC-LINUX.  The standard multi-lib support seems to be for 68000 68020
68881 & soft-float.  
Question 1
Can this version or a later version of the GCC compiler be configured so
that it generates a 68040 multilib branch uses only floating point
instruction from the set of instructions that are supported by the 68040
FPCP and does NOT emulate the unsupported instructions using FLINE TRAPS

Question 2
Motorola FPCPs have the option of setting them up so that the floating
point precession is embedded in each floating point instruction rather
that setting the precession in the FPCR (Control register) before each
operation.  Is there a compiler flag to enable this option?

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