defining memory addresses

David Korn
Wed Jan 9 10:21:00 GMT 2002

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>TNX, I downloaded the ld manual
>David Korn wrote:
>> >Related to this: how can I effectively use the internal RAM?
>>   That's a strange question, or rather, I don't understand 
>what you mean
>> and why the answer isn't "put programs and variables in it, 
>same as usual."
>> "Internal" ram?  Do you mean some special block of ram built 
>into the CPU
>> itself ?
>Yep. Because then I have (guaranteed) a single cycle access to memory.
>For external RAM/ROM/FLASH/whatever this is not necessary the case...
>In fact I'd like to use that RAM as cache, but I guess you can't help me
>with that ;)

  Well, just a little :)  I'd say that the way to use that would be to
declare it as a separate memory block, and only put a special data 
section in there... I see Wolfgang has just given you the same advice
in his reply: use a section and the __attribute__((section ("iram")))
gcc option, then in your MEMORY directive, as well as the ram and rom
regions, you define a third for the internal ram, and in the SECTIONS
directive you need to say


  . .... other bits ... 

  .iram : {
      } > <regionname>

  . .... other bits ... 

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