Difference between coff and elf ???

surya prakash suryaprakash@multitech.co.in
Wed Jan 2 05:40:00 GMT 2002


I have a basic doubt about cross compilation ..... What is the
difference between  'm68k-coff' and 'm68k-elf ' ??
Basically I built  cross compiler for my MC68360 target using the
following sources for 'm68k-coff'. (Is this correct ??)
1. Binutils 2.11.2
2. gcc 2.95.3
3. newlib 1.9.0.

The problem here is , I am getting some assembler errors for some of the
macro's and switch cases in my code. Pl note that these errors we
are not getting when we use 'powerpc-eabi' cross-compiler....for the
same source code.

The assembler errors for most of the switch cases look like this

/tmp/ ccckEhcp.s :634 : Error : value out of range
/tmp/ ccckEhcp.s :634 : Error : value of -15548 too large for field of 1
bytes at 0xb5.

My questions here are

1. Is there any problem with the above version of the gcc and binutils
for my target M68360 ?
2. What is the difference between 'm68k-coff' and 'm68k-elf ' ??....
Should I use m68k-elf ??
3. Does the above combination of binutils and gcc work for my target ??

Pl help me out .. I am struck with these problems for a couple of

Thanks and Best Regards

PS: We are trying to port 'Redboot' from Redhat to our MC68360 Based

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