Building Cross Toolchain for ARM with softfloat support

jeroen dobbelaere
Wed Feb 27 23:25:00 GMT 2002

Thomas Gleixner wrote:

> I must have a ARM Crosstoolchain with support for softfloat either gcc-built 
> in or linking against libfloat. I tried to compile gcc3.02 and gcc3.04. I 
> applied the Patch, which was submitted by Jeroen Dobbelaere  
> <>. The compiler builds. But it stucks building 
> libgcc. It complains about crti.o. If I use a old crti.o and crtn.o it 
> complains about soft/hard floating point support mismatch. But as long I dont 
> have a compiler supporting softfloat. I can't build libc with softfloat and 
> vice versa. Where to get out of this endless loop ? 

What I do is the following :

- build/install binutils
- build/install gcc (3.0.4) with as extra option in the configuring :
   (-> this is the same as the 'inhibit libc hack',
       but more user friendly)
- build/install glibc (2.2.5 + small patch for c++/arm)
- built/install gcc without the '--with-inhibit-libc'

When configuring gcc, your options about using softfloat should stay the same.

Note that the patch does not apply completely on gcc-3.0.4 :
you should adapt the gcc/config/arm/linux-elf.h file yourself, or change the
patch in order to recognize the 3 lines, added at the end in gcc-3.0.4

Hope this helps !

Jeroen Dobbelaere
Embedded Software Engineer

ACUNIA Embedded Solutions

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