ppc-eabi with gcc-3.0.4

David Korn dkorn@pixelpower.com
Tue Feb 26 07:48:00 GMT 2002

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>From: Reji P Rajesh [mailto:rejip@cdotb.ernet.in]
>Sent: 26 February 2002 15:46
>To: David Korn
>Subject: RE: ppc-eabi with gcc-3.0.4
>         I feel very pity on you being forward the mail to the mailing
>list. If u were not willing to reply the mail u could have just deleted
>the mail, rather than exaggerating it. I didn't beg u to give 
>the answer.

  You may have misunderstood why I did that:

 1)  because a lot of people who regularly answer questions on the list
    also would like not to be mailed personally, and also do get mailed
    regularly by people who never talk on the list.  Now all those people
    have been reminded that it is impolite to do so.

 2)  because the whole point of the list is for all the questions and
    answers to be in public, so that when someone else has the same
    problem they will find the answer by searching the archive of the
    mailing list.  If we just ask and answer these questions in private
    emails it does not contribute to the shared knowledge.

  My reply to you was a polite admonition for your bad manners, and I did
not exaggerate a thing.  If I had been flaming you, you would have known
about it indeed.  And you seem not to have noticed that I *was* willing to
answer your question and I did so.

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