ppc-eabi with gcc-3.0.4

Vermeulen Jan Jan.Vermeulen@siemens.atea.be
Mon Feb 25 23:32:00 GMT 2002


Just out of curiosity, I followed Bill's FAQ to make a crosscompiler for
ppc-eabi with the new gcc-3.0.4.

I also used binutils-2.11.2 and the newlib-1.10.0

The error (& solution??) described here, is the same as I got with gcc-3.0.3
and newlib-1.9.0 build.

In the steps of make CFLAGS="-myellowknife -O" to indicate the default
target, I still got an error from libiberty that he didn't found a Makefile
for the target in my ${BUILD}/ppc-eabi/und/libiberty directory. (sorry, the
logs are at home)

I decided to try something out and moved that 'und/libiberty' directory to
some other place and decided to do the make again. This time it worked
without problems.

My crosscompiler seems works (C++ project), but I'll be doing some more
tests soon.

So, what does the "und" stand for and what will I be missing from my
crosscompiler because I manually removed it?

There were others too which build fine, called "ca", "nof", "le" etc. I can
guess the use of some of them ("le" = little endian libs?, "nof" = no
floating point?) But not "und" and "ca".


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