Can't build gcc-2.95.3 with g++ for m68k-elf

Delarue Christophe
Wed Feb 13 06:49:00 GMT 2002

Hi I've followed the Wolfgang suggestion and the bill's FAQ to compile the full
binutils-2.10.1, core-gcc, newlib-1.9.0. 

I am now on the c++ part.

I got the same undefined : hardware_init_hook  software_init_hook __FINI_SECTION__'

If I compile with -nostartfiles : (as suggested in

extract from gcc info files :
     Do not use the standard system startup files when linking.  The
     standard system libraries are used normally, unless `-nostdlib' or
     `-nodefaultlibs' is used.

I suppose that the undefs was functions to help to initialise an embedded
board. Since we are doing everything from _start to main by own, I think we do
not need those methods, may be you need them ... may be not ...

My undefs disappear ... thus I think I have to modify my specs file in order
to make this options, that is my current graal search ! 

My specs file look like this :
-------------- specs file --------
%{!fsyntax-only:  %{!c:%{!M:%{!MM:%{!E:%{!S:%(linker) %l %X %{o*} %{A} %{d} %{e*} %{m} %{N} %{n} 			%{r} %{s} %{t} %{u*} %{x} %{z} %{Z}			%{!A:%{!nostdlib:%{!nostartfiles:%S}}}			%{static:} %{L*} %D %o			%{!nostdlib:%{!nodefaultlibs:%G %L %G}}			%{!A:%{!nostdlib:%{!nostartfiles:%E}}}			%{T*}			

May be somebody could tell me how I could add this option into the specs file ?

I hope that once I've solved this pb, I could compile the whole g++ !

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Tel.: (+33) 299 842052    Fax.: (+33) 299 639331
13, sq. du Chene Germain / 35510 Cesson-Sevigne / France

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