arm-linux-gdbserver built

William A. Gatliff
Sat Feb 9 20:10:00 GMT 2002


If anyone is interested, I have an arm-linux-gdbserver built here that
seems to work.  I built it from gdb's CVS archives late last week.

If I had a documented build procedure, I'd post that too.  At it
stands, though, I'm not sure I can accurately remember what I did to
produce it, far be it from me to describe how to re-produce it.  I've
been distracted with several other small fires in the meantime.

If you're desperate for an arm-linux-gdbserver of dubious origin
(although I've tested it some here), drop me a line.  As soon as I get
a chance, I'll see about posting patches and a build script.


Bill Gatliff

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