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>>   Hi again Eddy!
>> >- I use the -S option with GCC to learn about the confusing 
>guts of RISC
>> >  assembler. Is there an option to GCC to add the C lines 
>that produced the
>> >  assembler as comments? I only found -fverbose-asm but 
>that didn't do.
>>   Yes, the compiler doesn't seem to have any way to do this. 
> The best
>> option is to build your code using -g and -O0, then use objdump like:
>>     powerpc-eabi-objdump -SD <.o file name>
>> to get a listing back.
>I'm basically a lurker using the old mc68k cross tools, but
>I add the following flags to the gcc compile options to generate a
>mixed source and assembly listing - does this help?
>   -Wa,-adhln,-L -g -c

  It certainly does!  Most excellent!  Thank you.  I've seen people point
out that assembler flag before, but it hasn't worked in the vxworks-ppc
toolchain (based on gcc 2.7.2 and binutils 2.6) for such a long time that I
assumed it was a fault in ppc-eabi variants in general, and haven't tried
to use it in a long time.

  Eddy, that set of options is by far the better way of getting a listing!
I'd recommend using -O0 as well to make the code easier to follow (less
loop rearrangement and function inlining, for example) if the code doesn't
need to be used in a production setting.

  Thank you very much David!

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