PowerPC linking error messages

Eddy Ilg eddy@fericom.net
Mon Feb 4 11:28:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, Jan 29, 2002 at 10:05:51AM -0000, David Korn wrote:


>   The details of these sections and what they are used for are specified
> in the sun SysV.ABI and PPC-EABI specifications available at:

Thanks firstable, I spent some time reading that and now have even more 
questions ;)
Just to recall I am trying to compile code for an embedded PowerPC
(Motorola MPC555).

- I use the -S option with GCC to learn about the confusing guts of RISC
  assembler. Is there an option to GCC to add the C lines that produced the
  assembler as comments? I only found -fverbose-asm but that didn't do.

- How is the GOT accessed the first time? I didn't find any
  dedicated register that contains the value of the GOT and in the 
  EABI there is no initial stack provided by the OS. This lets me 
  guess, that also if you want relocatable code the adress of the 
  GOT is specified at linking time...

- Can I tell GCC to produce code that uses absolute 
  adressing insted of having a GOT?  I know this can cost 
  performance but for the start it would make things easier...

- Currently I am compiling without libc or newlib. To enter a C routine 
  from my assembler initialisation do I need to set something else than 
  the stack pointer? (I am using -msdata=none, so there should not be
  any sdata pointer registers that need initialisation). 

- What does the __eabi() function do?

- If I compile my code as S-records and download it, how do I generate a
  file with symbols and debugging information for GDB?

OK, I guess if I asked more you would kick me off the list (:
If there is any FAQ where I should look instead, please tell
me where.



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