Several questions about build a cross-compiler (i686-linux to alpha)

Mon Dec 16 23:05:00 GMT 2002

Hi Kai Ruottu!

>Shen Yingzhe <> wrote:

>> I want to build a cross-compile (i686-linux to alpha),and I have
>> several questions:

> There probably are several 'Linux/Alpha'-targets (RedHat, SuSE,...),
 Sorry. I didn't say it clearly. The target I need is alpha-dec-osf and the host is i686-pc-linux.

>you should use the components for the right one... It may happen that
>generic 'alpha-linux-gnu' executables will run on both RedHat and
>SuSE and on others too, but it may also happen that they don't...

>> 1. I have got:
>>			 gcc-2.95.2, 
>> 			 binutils-2.9.1,

> These are a little old, gcc-2.95.3 should be the last bugfix release
>for gcc-2.95 and this is the preferred one in the 2.95-branch.  And
>binutils-2.10 - 2.13 have appeared since the 2.9 branch, the current
>release is 'binutils-2.13.1'... The gcc-2.95.3 manual says that at
>least binutils-2.11.2 will be required for Alpha...

> Maybe you will need some extra patches for Linux/Alpha with the
>2.95-branch and the binutils, and the SuSE, RedHat etc. distributions
>will have them...

> I have built some 'generic' Linux/Alpha target toolchains only
>in order to see that one can produce these on a cross-host, but
>haven't had an opportunity to test the produced code (with them)
>on a 'real-world' Linux/Alpha system... I have gcc-2.95.3, 3.0.4
>and 3.1.1 built with glibc-2.2.3, the first toolchain built from
>scratch, but as Heinlein instructs: "When at last you do succeed,
>never do it again!", so using prebuilt stuff in the bootstrap-
>stage is the easy way...

  OK. I decide to use gcc-2.95.3, binutils-2.13.1 and glibc-2.2.3
>> the include files I get from the source files which are used to install 
>> linux on alpha machine, 
>> 	 glibc-2.0.1.bin.alpha-linux.
>> Are there any more files that I need to get??

> You should prefer to use headers and libraries for your real target,
>For instance RedHat or SuSE 7.1/Alpha uses 'glibc-2.2.3' and even
>RedHat 6.2/Alpha used glibc-2.1.3...  But if your target(s) really is
>(are) Linux/Alpha(s) which has/have not been upgraded after
>the installation a couple of years ago, then this glibc can be just
>the right one... 

  I think that there is something that I need to clarify. I have no alpha machine. The reason I make this cross-compiler is that I want to make my own benchmark programs for running SimpleScalar Toolkit. SimpleScalar3.0 only support two computer architecture:PISA and Alpha. So I have to make the benchmark programs on my machine(i686-pc-linux) whick should be make on an Alpha mechine(alpha-dec-osf).
  I don't know whether I say it clearly this time. :)

>> 2. Where can I get the file: libgcc1.a and libgcc1.cross mentioned
>> in gcc-2.95.2/gcc/Makefile, or How can I make them??

> The built 'xgcc', 'cpp', 'cc1' etc. should be capable to compile
>these on the cross-host, if not, you can always copy them from the
>equivalent (gcc-2.9x) native GCC for Linux/Alpha (them being built
>on the native Linux/Alpha).

  Do you have these two files, Can you mail them to me???

>Cheers, Kai
				Shen Yingzhe

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