Several questions about build a cross-compiler (i686-linux toalpha)

Sun Dec 15 17:55:00 GMT 2002

Hello King Of The Bongo!

>	I want to build a cross-compile (i686-linux to alpha),and I have several questions:
>1. I have got:
>			 gcc-2.95.2, 
>			 binutils-2.9.1, 
>			 the include files I get from the source files which are used to install 
>			 linux on alpha machine, 
>			 glibc-2.0.1.bin.alpha-linux.
>	Are there any more files that I need to get??
>2. Where can I get the file: libgcc1.a and libgcc1.cross mentioned in gcc-2.95.2/gcc/Makefile, or How can I make them??
>Any help is appreciated!!!
>              Shen Yingzhe
>                 2002-12-13

Thank for your help first!
take the latest version of the complier,
						  But  ~~~~~~~~~Excuse me, what do you mean? gcc or binutils??	
there is everything you need to compile it.  


               Shen Yingzhe

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