mcore-elf was Re: GNU/Cross Tools RPMs available

Joel Sherrill
Thu Dec 12 10:57:00 GMT 2002

Brian LaPonsey wrote:
> Joel,
> > I intend to start running the test suite on the installed tools as the
> > next step.  Are you running it in the build tree or on installed images?
> The test suite runs in the build tree.  I don't see any reason why it
> couldn't be made to work on installed images, though, if that is required.

There is a test_installed script in contrib but I haven't had much 
luck with getting it to work in the past.  Looking at it again,
I see that my core problem is still there.  There is no way to set
the --target_board option. But today might just be my lucky day.  I
think I just managed to add that argument to test_installed.  Hopefully
it will work and I can report some results on the actual RPMS. :)

The simulators required to run it are included in the cross-gdb RPMS I

> > I think we are better off trying to help Nick fix them.  Small test
> > cases and offering to test are usually the best one can offer the
> maintainer
> > unless you are lucky enough to be able to actually fix it. :)
> OK, I'll try to get myself smartened up on the bug report stuff.

Great.  I will work on generating gcc test results on the actual
RPM binaries.  

> > If you have fixes for 3.0.4 that are not in the current source, then we
> > need to work with Nick to get them merged.
> gcc-3.0.4 built out-of-the-box with only one small patch to the mcore.h
> file.  I was about to post the patch when Nick nailed the bug himself.

I love free software. :)

> > In the meantime, if you want want to use the specs and build a mcore-elf
> > 3.0.4 RPM, we can talk offline about doing that and putting it on our
> > site.
> That might be best for now until we make some progress with the gcc
> mainline.  As you say, better go offline with this one.


> Cheers,
> Brian
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