GNU/Cross Tools RPMs available

Brian LaPonsey
Thu Dec 12 10:28:00 GMT 2002


> does the simulator support ppc403/ppc405 and ppc750?  That might come in
handy here. like that make me feel a bit thick.  See, this year I
was an mcore guy.  I'm a powerpc guy NEXT year, and in my "free time" I'll
learn how to be a ColdFire guy.

On the positive side, I can send you my script if you want to try it out.
At least I know how my own script works.  I didn't want to just use Bill's
Wonderful Script because I didn't understand it, so I read Mendel Cooper's
ABS guide and wrote a new one from scratch.

> It might be helpful if you posted a list of the regressions
> between gcc-3.0.4 and gcc-3.2.1.  Montavista Linux 3.0 uses
> a gcc-3.2.x compiler, it'd be interesting to see if they
> have resolved some of those.

When I get back to my desk on Monday I'll look at the test logs.  I suspect
the fails will be due to the cross compiler, not the native one, but then
what do I know?

As an aside, I'm using Mandrake 9.0.  The native gcc-3.2 that comes with it
doesn't work on the powerpc-eabi build, and it crashes with an internal
compiler error.  I installed the earlier gcc-2.96 that came with Mandrake
8.1, and it works OK.


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