Building m68k-coff-gcc

Michael Svetlik
Tue Dec 10 01:58:00 GMT 2002

Thanks, Peter,

and all the others, that have cared about that.
It works.
It was my failure, I assumed the program-suffices being communicated 
between those configure scripts - not at all.

Peter Barada wrote:

>>>    _mulsi3
>>>    /bin/sh: m68k-coff-ar-2.95.3: command not found
>>Is your ${PREFIX}/bin directory in your PATH?
>>What did you specify for --target, --prefix, and so forth during
>>configure?  This looks like a combination of errors...
>The problem is that the binutils are configured with
>--program-suffix=2.12.1 and the bootstrap is conifgured with
>--program-suffix=2.95.3 which don't match.  It doesn't matter if
>${PREFIX}/bin is in his path - it won't find m68k-coff-ar-2.95.3 since
>what was installed is m68k-coff-ar-2.12.1  You could try adding a make
>stanza which creates a symbolic link from m68k-coff-1.21.1 to
>m68k-coff-2.95.3 and then configure and build the bootstrap...
>># The install directory (PREFIX) is left unchanged, it is '/usr/local/'
>># The binutils and the compiler should get an excecutable prefix, and
>># both a version suffix - should, but not MUST ;-)
>From this comment I'm assuming that you want the executable prefix,
>but not the suffix.  If so, just drop the --program-suffix from the
>configure lines and things will be better.
>In fact I've modified your Makefile to do that, and I've successfully
>built an m68k-coff bootstrap (using binutils-2.13 and gcc-3.2).  I also
>added an INSTALL_DIR so you can point the installation anywhere(even
>/usr/local if you want), just to be complete.  Also I added
>install-binutils and install-bootstrap targets.
>When I build up a toolchain, I pick a directory that the toolchain is
>going to be put, make the directory as root and make myself the owner,
>and then build the world as me, *not* root.  
>To build, you have to put ${INSTALL_DIR}/bin  in your path, otherwise
>gcc won't properly configure since it can't find the cross versions of
>the assembler/archiver, etc.
>Then you can:
>make binutils
>make install-binutils
>make bootstrap
>make install-bootstrap
>Hope this helps.

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